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Transform the way you track
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What is EHSTracks?

EHSTracks is a suite of applications designed to streamline environmental, health, and safety data and inspections.
From setting up the facility, to completing inspections and creating reports, this EHS software does it all in one platform to increase efficiency and accuracy.
Our patent-pending GPS technology aids inspectors in finding their inspection point with ease.
EHSTracks gives stakeholders peace of mind with the ability to login remotely to manage inspections and view alerts that indicate if the user was not located at the inspection point to prevent pencil whipping.

Why EHSTracks?

Training Time

Reduced Training Time

The hardest part about training is being able to find those inspection points. EHSTracks uses GPS technology to map the location of each inspection point. Photos of each inspection point are also included in the app, ensuring the inspector that they are inspecting the right component. This allows anyone to step in and find the inspection points with no outside help. When at the inspection point, the app shows the inspection checklist with questions specific to that inspection point.

Efficient Data Management
and Improved Accessibility

Efficient Data Management and Improved Accessibility

EHSTracks eliminates the need for paper recordkeeping. The data is stored securely in the cloud and can be accessed from the web application. No redundant data entry is required. As soon as inspection points are edited, the inspection program is updated and ready to use. Managers will no longer have to wait on the inspector to receive the findings of the inspection report. They can log into the web application to view the final report and warning report.

Inspection Accuracy

Increased Inspection Accuracy

During setup, managers can determine how close to each component the inspector needs to be in order to accurately complete the inspection. If the inspector tries to complete the inspection outside of the predetermined distance, the application alerts the user. If the inspector decides to proceed with the inspection, it will be noted in a warning report for the manager to review. Managers can have peace of mind knowing if an inspection was completed accurately.

Increased Accountability
for Corrective Actions

Increased Accountability for Corrective Actions

Correcting any leaks/defects found in a timely manner is essential to maintaining compliance. With EHSTracks, you can track and log repair progress and receive notifications reminding you to complete the repair. Managers will love the ability to remotely login to the web application to view repair progress and make sure compliance standards are being met.

Suite of Applications

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