EHSTracks®: LDAR Product

Why Use the LDAR Product?

Does your facility perform Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) inspections/monitoring events? The LDAR Product can help streamline your LDAR inspections and data. A facility setup includes locating all LDAR system zones on the satellite image. Zones include one or multiple components in a small area. Once the zone is located, each of the components are entered into the zone. This forms the component database complete with photos of components and characteristics of each component.

By using the LDAR Product on an easy-to use tablet to answer inspection questions, the burden of paper recordkeeping is eliminated. The data is then synced to the cloud and can be accessed on the web application. The LDAR Product also helps inspectors who are unfamiliar with the facility layout and location of the monitoring points by guiding the inspector to each monitoring point.

Any defects found during the inspection can be documented with pictures of the defect. The application notes these defects and shows them in the corrective action feature in the app. Inspectors can log repair attempts and keep track of the repair progress.

Inspection reports can be downloaded to PDF and Excel formats through the web application which managers can access remotely.