Introducing the EHSTracks®: Waste Product – Streamlined Waste Management and Compliance Tracking

We are excited to announce that coming soon is the newest product to our EHSTracks® application: waste. Building upon the success of our real-time mapping and inspection platform used for SPCC inspections and LDAR monitoring, the Waste Product now empowers users to effectively inspect various waste storage areas. These include satellite accumulation areas, hazardous waste storage areas, and solid waste accumulation areas. Furthermore, the Waste Product enables users to seamlessly manage waste profiles for both hazardous and non-hazardous waste types. A standout feature is the ability to track waste inventory generation, disposal, and time spent on-site. The Waste Product even offers timely alerts to subscribers when their hazardous and universal waste is nearing shipment deadlines. Our intuitive dashboard provides up-to-date information on the current inventory of hazardous, universal, and non-hazardous wastes, ensuring users stay informed at all times. Need help with TRI reporting? Users can easily run reports of their total waste generated and otherwise used in the Waste Product. For a demo of the Waste Product, visit the Contact page on our website to fill out a contact form.