One of the reasons EHSTracks® is such a great solution is because of the partnership between our Information and Technology (IT) and field compliance inspection team. Our team members in the field are out completing environmental, health, and safety monitoring and compliance inspections, working with CEMS/COMS systems, and a large variety of other EHS services. They have full understanding of the problems with the old ways of completing inspections and communicate with the IT team what they feel is needed to improve the inspection and monitoring process. It’s not just our team who provides the helpful feedback. Our IT team also greatly values the feedback from our clients who are interested in, or already invested in, the app. Our goal was to create something that meets the needs of our clients.

As a team, we found that the following features would be vital for the app to have:

  • Customizable to meet the needs of the facility
  • Ability to standardize the inspection process
  • Allow managers to view reports and manage facilities remotely
  • Manage data more efficiently
  • Reduce training time
  • Help inspectors find inspection points with ease

EHSTracks® does all of this and more. However, we are continually looking for ways to improve the software. As the EHSTracks® Products are being released, our team is using the software in the field and reporting back to the IT team, communicating changes needed and new ideas to improve the app. Our IT team is able to fine-tune the application and create something that works well and is a great tool to those completing inspections at facilities.